How to Study the Etymology of Words?

Answer The origin of the meaning of words (etymology) is a fascinating and rewarding subject. The foregoing sentence has words with Latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon or Germanic origins! The purpose of this artic... Read More »

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Middle School Etymology Projects?

Etymology projects give students the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the English language as they dig into the suffixes, prefixes and roots of words. Understanding word origins helps stude... Read More »

What is protest stencil art?

Protest stencil art is a form of graffiti that expresses a political opinion. It is different from other forms of graffiti because it uses a pre-made stencil.TechniqueA graffiti stencil is made by ... Read More »

What protest are going to be in the st Clair il area.?

You might want to write an editorial to the local paper.

How did Wikipedia protest Did they actually go somewhere or what?

The site blacked out for a while on the 18th.