What is the ethical dilemma with plea bargaining?

Answer In criminal court, a prosecutor offers the defendant a plea bargain for a chance to plead guilty to a lesser charge. An ethical dilemma in plea bargaining is that the prosecutor has sole power to d... Read More »

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What percent of criminal convictions are obtained through plea bargaining?

Approximately 90 percent of criminal cases end in a plea bargain, according to Find Law. In general, all parties tend to benefit from a plea bargain. Prosecutors get a conviction for the crime, jud... Read More »

How to Deal With the Ethical Dilemma of a Student Bringing a Knife to an Elementary Classroom?

Bringing weapons to school is one of the most potentially dangerous features of school violence. Students who have previously been victimized are five times more likely to bring a knife to school t... Read More »

What is an ethical dilemma?

In the study of philosophy, there is what is referred to as an ethical dilemma. This type of situation is marked by a difficulty in knowing what is the right or wrong thing to do.OutcomesOne of the... Read More »

What is Ethical dilemma for NASA?

The ethical dilemma for NASA is that they want to explore places that have never been explored but they want to do it using animals first. I personally do not think it is ethical if they, lets just... Read More »