What is the estimated IQ of a baby who spoke at the age of three months?

Answer AnswerIQs are measured later in life. Your baby is very gifted verbally. In my experience, children work on one thing at a time, so you should be sure that the child also physically up to date per ... Read More »

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Is Lactogen baby product is safe for three months baby?

You had sex and you are three months pregnant but you don't want a baby what should you do?

Answer Everyone makes mistakes and yours was definitely a big one..I am highly against abortion!!!You and me, we are all alive because our moms' made the decision of keeping us..If you are thinkin... Read More »

Your baby is three months old taking nan experincing a lot of stomach upsets why and what can you do?

16 i think i'm not sure maybe you should go ask a police station

I aborted my baby of 9 months and a week three days ago...?

Oh no sugar, I aborted mine at 9 months and 2 weeks and I still get plenty of sleep at night. Not murder, we'll say...involuntary manslaughter...err....babyslaughter.