How to Write the Equation of a Tangent Knowing a Point?

Answer In Calculus class, you will often be asked to find the equation of the line tangent to a curve, at a particular point. Finding this equation calls upon your ability to find the derivative of a func... Read More »

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How to Find the Equation of the Tangent Line to a Graph?

A common application of calculus is determining the equation of a line that intercepts a curve at a given point. This is called the tangent to a curve. As far as calculus problems are concerned, th... Read More »

How to Write an Equation for Each Vertical Tangent to the Curve?

Most tangents to curves have equations that follow the format of "y = mx + c." In these equations, "m" represents the tangent's slope, and "c" represents its intersection with the y-axis. Vertical ... Read More »

How to Find an Equation of the Tangent Line to the Graph of F at the Indicated Point?

The derivative of a function gives the instantaneous rate of change for a given point. Think of the way the velocity of a car is always changing as it accelerates and decelerates. Although you can ... Read More »

How to Convert a Slope-Intercept Form Equation Into a General Linear Equation?

When writing linear equations, you can use either the slope-intercept form or general form. The advantage of slope-intercept form, or y = mx + b, is that you can immediately see the slope, m, and t... Read More »