What is the episode of medium at least i thinks it medium where Allison is afraid about the friendship between one of her daughters and a boy whose mum killed a cop that tried to rape her?

Answer He told Alicia that he thought she made the right decision to stay with and back her husband.

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What kind of phone does Allison Dubois of Medium have?

Nothing. It is impossible to stop going pee because it gets all the waste and toxics out. If you don't pee you'll die.

What is the title of the episode of Criminal Minds where Allison Sparks is kidnapped?

Who was the redhead killed near the start of an Inspector Morse episode and which episode was it?

Is medium over?

It appears the tv show "Medium" will have the series finale this week. I'm bummed. The description on my tv for the next episode says "season finale", but the previews & say "series finale"... Read More »