What is the episode in torchwood with Martha in it?

Answer Martha appears in the Torchwood episodes Reset, Dead Man Walking and A Day in the Death.

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Why were Martha and River in Torchwood Tower?

freema agyemans presence is explained in series 3 it was her 'cousin' i think you may be confusing river song (played by Alex Kingston) with Yvonne Hartman (played by Tracy ann oberman)

In the pilot episode of Torchwood what name does Owen Harper daringly use to order the Torchwood team's pizza under?

Which episode of Torchwood does Rhys find out about Gwen working for torchwood?

There are 3 Torchwood insututes There is Torchwood 1 in 10 Canada Square and Torchwood 3 in Cardiff but where is Torchwood 2?

There are actually four Torchwood Institutes.Torchwood 1 = One Canada Square, LondonTorchwood 2 = Glasgow, Scotland. Run by a "very strange man", in the spin-off novel The Twightlight Streets, the ... Read More »