What is the enzyme called that hair needs to grow?

Answer Bromelain is the proteolytic enzyme that hair needs in order to grow. It is commonly used as a supplement in hair care products in order to aid the natural growth process of your hair.Source:HairCa... Read More »

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Is it true that if you shave at a young age, the hair will grow back faster as you grow older?

Although doctors have confirmed this as a myth, i am still a strong believer that it does. Doctors believe that hairs only appear thicker because the end of the hairs have not blunted out yet. Howe... Read More »

What is it called when you grow plants in water?

The correct term for growing plants in water is hydroponics. Hydro comes from the Greek word for water and ponics is derived from the Greek word for labor. Hydroponically grown plants differ from ... Read More »

What are places that grow trees to cut them down and sell them called?

Will Hair,Skin, & nail vitimans make your hair grow faster?

It doesn't necessarily make hair grow faster, but it does make the hair stronger so that it won't break easily therefore allowing it to grow longer