Anyone know why I keep ending up on Wikipedia?

Answer It's like the island on Lost, or Gilligan's Island, for that matter. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

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When is iCarly ending?

iCarly will end November 2012.

Why is iCarly ending?

Did u ever feel like ending it?

Don't think about him anymore. Think of your own life, which by itself is too precious, and you will never get it again. If you care for your baby, live for both your sakes'. If you don't care for ... Read More »

What does a file name ending in "exe" mean?

I am Just Putting this in depth for you:An exe File is an executable file. This, Genrally is an application; I.E.:iTunes, Notepad, etc.If you want to try to make one you should learn a programming ... Read More »