What is an emoticon?

Answer The word emoticon is derived from the words emotion and icon. An emoticon is a graphical representation of an emotion, usually a facial expression, created from keyboard letters, numbers and symbol... Read More »

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What is the meaning of emoticon?

Emoticons are small faces used to convey emotions or feelings in a textual situation. The word "emoticon" derives from a combination of "emotion" and "icon." Emoticons are most commonly used in ele... Read More »

What does the emoticon ?

What does the emoticon =O mean?

The emoticon =0 denotes surprise by the person sending the text or instant message to the other person. It mimics the look of surprise on a person's face, such as a big, open mouth.Source:MobileCom... Read More »

What does -_- emoticon mean?

It's one step short of a face palm. Like an "oh really?' face or "No ****" face.