What is an emoticon?

Answer The word emoticon is derived from the words emotion and icon. An emoticon is a graphical representation of an emotion, usually a facial expression, created from keyboard letters, numbers and symbol... Read More »

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What does an emoticon mean?

It is difficult to convey emotion on a computer screen. An emoticon (an emotion icon) conveys human emotion by using a series of symbols and letters to create a "face." A smiley :-) is one of the m... Read More »

What does the emoticon :D mean?

The emoticon :D is simply another version of the smiley face. This emoticon literally means "big grin," which is a really happy face. The writer usually sends this emoticon to express happiness at ... Read More »

What does the emoticon =O mean?

The emoticon =0 denotes surprise by the person sending the text or instant message to the other person. It mimics the look of surprise on a person's face, such as a big, open mouth.Source:MobileCom... Read More »

What does the emoticon"P"mean?

An emoticon that uses the letter P is often typed in conjunction with another character, for example, a colon that represents eyes. The P symbol mimics a tongue sticking out and indicates silliness... Read More »