What is the lowest elevation in Death Valley, California?

Answer Badwater is not only the lowest elevation in Death Valley, California, but also the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere. The basin lies near the Black Mountains and measures 282 feet (85.5 m... Read More »

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How big is Death Valley in California?

The Death Valley National Park, located in Southeastern California, covers about 3.3 million acres of land. The elevation of the park varies greatly, from 11,049 feet high to 282 miles below sea le... Read More »

Is Death Valley in California?

Death Valley is located in California. It is near the Nevada border. Death Valley is a National Park and is protected by the National Park Service/U.S. Department of the Interior. It includes deser... Read More »

When did Death Valley become a national park?

Death Valley is considered the hottest and driest place in North America. According to the National Park Service, Death Valley was established as a national park in 1994. The establishment of the a... Read More »

Things to See from Las Vegas to Death Valley?

From Nevada, you can access Death Valley by State Highway 373 from Amagosa Valley or State Highway 374 out of Beatty. Both turn south off U.S. Highway 95, a long and lonely road that leads you thro... Read More »