What is the electronic currency exchange?

Answer Individuals may trade the monetary unit of a country, known as currency, for another type of money. Investors and banks usually facilitate this process over the Internet, by using an electronic cur... Read More »

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What is the currency exchange of Laos?

The official currency of Laos is the Lao kip. As of April 2010, one U.S. dollar is worth approximately 8,300 Lao kips.Official CurrencyThe kip began to circulate widely as the official currency of ... Read More »

What is the currency exchange fee called?

Currency from one country can be exchanged for currency of another country at the exchange rate, which is a measure of how much one country's currency is worth in the other country's currency. In m... Read More »

What is the best place to exchange currency in?

On One Hand: Local BanksLocal banks often have the best exchange rate for currencies. Finding a reputable local bank and exchanging currency there oftentimes will give travelers the best chance of ... Read More »

What is the currency exchange program forex?

Forex is also known as the foreign currency exchange. It is simply the market in which people trade currencies and currency futures. The values of different currencies against one another create co... Read More »