How to Figure out Electron Dot Configuration?

Answer To visualize the bonding of two atoms, draw Lewis dot structures of the valence electrons of the two atoms. Only two electrons are able to share an orbital. Two atoms with an orbital occupied by on... Read More »

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What is the chemical formula for Bromine?

The chemical formula for Bromine is Br, its atomic symbol, because it is a pure element. It is a member of the halogen group and has an atomic weight of 79.904 g per mole.References:Los Alamos Nati... Read More »

What Are Bromine Oxidation Numbers?

Bromine is element number 35 on the periodic table, meaning its nucleus contains 35 protons. Its chemical symbol is Br. It is in the halogen group, along with fluorine, chlorine and iodine. It is t... Read More »

What Is Bromine in a Swimming Pool?

When ensuring that a swimming pool's water is clean and sanitary, pool owners have a selection of disinfectants from which to choose. The two most common pool disinfectants are chlorine and bromine... Read More »

What should the bromine level be in a hot tub?

The required level of bromine for a hot tub is 3 to 5 parts per million (ppm), with the suggested concentration being 4 to 6 ppm. Bromine is a chemical used in lieu of chlorine but is sensitive to ... Read More »