How to Figure out Electron Dot Configuration?

Answer To visualize the bonding of two atoms, draw Lewis dot structures of the valence electrons of the two atoms. Only two electrons are able to share an orbital. Two atoms with an orbital occupied by on... Read More »

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PC configuration vs PS3?

the pc is far more powerful both in grapphics and in performance but since pc usually have a lot of multitasking behind any games, performance usually decreases a lot, this is where consoles excel,... Read More »

Router configuration using RIP?

Ok first connect your 30 host router to DCPIPThe add the Protocol to the Windows Buiret, but dont do this without CarlisleThen the subnet has to be flipped to a RIP-56,DichloroThen ... Read More »

Best PC Configuration With every thing Best..... Help Me out?

I would recommend 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 3770K around 18000ASUS Maximus V Formula around Rs 25000Corsair Dominator Series RAM 4 GB * 4 Around Rs 20000 or GSkill Ripjaws X 8 GB * 4 around sam... Read More »

Gaming configuration?

I'll help you out. If you have a microcenter where you live always buy a processor from them.…Best gaming processor pretty much that's out there for intel... Read More »