What is the eight spoke wheel?

Answer A revered aspect of Buddhism, the Eight Spoked Wheel has come to symbolize Buddha, who is known as the Wheel Turner for his ability to set a new cycle of teachings in motion and change the course o... Read More »

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How to Remove a Chevy Eight Lug Rear Wheel Cylinder?

Many GM truck models, such as the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra, have eight-lug wheels. The eight-lug wheels come equipped with rear wheel cylinders behind both rear wheels. The rear wheel cyl... Read More »

What is the estimated IQ of a baby who spoke at the age of three months?

AnswerIQs are measured later in life. Your baby is very gifted verbally. In my experience, children work on one thing at a time, so you should be sure that the child also physically up to date per ... Read More »

What length spoke should I buy for a 27-inch-rim bicycle?

The length of the spokes depends on the mounting flange and whether or not the spokes are crossed. Regular wheels with a high flange and four-cross configuration require spokes 307 mm in length.Ref... Read More »

What do I do to file a complaint against my college, I already spoke with Deen, Could Salle Mae help what do?

I'm pretty sure you mean 'dean'. I wouldn't get a lawyer until you get other opinions and look at the situation subjectively (lawyer fees are expensive). Why do you feel like your being treated une... Read More »