What is the effort to distribute land more equally and fairly?

Answer I know it is two words no spaces and the 6th letter is E

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How to Put More Effort into School and Chores?

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Why do we squint in an effort to see distant objects more clearly And does it really work?

It works, all right. In fact, the word "myopia" (nearsightedness) comes from the Greek words myein (shut) and ops (eye). When you squint, it's like reducing the aperture of a camera lens: You re... Read More »

What state has more land area, idaho or maine?

According to data collected by the United States Census Bureau in the year 2000, the land area of Idaho is 82,747 square miles. Maine is significantly smaller in land area with 30,861 square miles.... Read More »

Was the US more successful on land or sea?

I believe sgt. is the abbreviation for Sergeant, often used in the US military or police.And Sergeant can mean the following:1. A noncommissioned army officer of a rank above that of corporal.2. U.... Read More »