What is the effect of vinegar on plants or plant growth?

Answer Answer Vinegar is a strong acid that kills certain plants. Other plants don't respond as harsh to vinegar as many other plants do.

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What Is the Effect of Seed Depth on Plant Growth?

It is frustrating to prepare and seed a garden bed, then fail to grow healthy plants. But human error is often the cause of poor results. One major mistake is planting seeds at an incorrect depth. ... Read More »

What is the effect of black coffee on plant growth?

ANSWER:Black coffee and even the coffee grounds can be added to the soil to increase the Ph of the soil. Certain plants will grow sluggishly in low pH. One of these is the Azalea. They like high pH... Read More »

What is the effect of different liquids on plant growth?

Different liquids have different contends of substances included. Acid will the plant. And a soda that is flavored will trigger the diffusion of water from the soil to plants due to balanced amount... Read More »

How does vinegar affect plant growth?

Vinegar is basically acid. Depends on the plant, as some like acidic conditions, and if the soil was too alkaline, vinegar would make it grow better. But if the plant liked alkaline conditions, vin... Read More »