What is the effect of radiation on DNA?

Answer DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, contains a cell's genetic information. Scientists often refer to it as a blueprint for creating life. Radiation can disrupt DNA, causing errors in the blueprint that ... Read More »

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On ABCs Homeland Security US 88435 tv series similer to COPS they stopped a man before the border about radiation so how does that effect the US public?

No. As per the character Tony DiNozzio, his mother died long ago when he was a small boy. He was brought up in boarding schools by his father. As a result, he has a strained relationship with his f... Read More »

Is there any radiation produce from my CRT monitor Will the radiation harm the body Not sure about LCD ?

CRT monitors have more circuits, so what you are talking about might be magnetic fields not radiation. There is some talk/speculation of induced magnetic fields (such as the ones produced by high v... Read More »

Describe the effect of the Business Cycle and how it affects the Real Estate Cycle including the effect it will have on Property Management as a Market Concern?

Will I get Radiation from a Scanner?

Not to start an argument with the other doctor that answered this question... No you will not die. In fact this is the exact treatment I use for my patients with bad acne! It is also quite ironic... Read More »