What is the effect of quinine pills on the pulmonary system?

Answer Quinine, or quinine sulfate, is an antimalarial drug that kills the parasite that causes malaria symptoms. Quinine does not prevent malaria and should be taken with caution because it has severe si... Read More »

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Does the pulmonary circuit belong to the cardiovascular system?

Yes. The cardiovascular system comprises the heart, blood vessels and blood, and the pulmonary circuit is the part of the system where oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs.Referen... Read More »

What is the effect of Birth control pills while pregnant?

AnswerIt is not as bad as it was 20 years ago. The effects are minimal. Ask an OBGYN to be sure though.

What is a side effect from taking dietry pills?

That depends on the types of pills, but here is a list of varying side effects: Raised blood pressure, chest pain, fever, hair loss, depression, impotence, heart damage, diarrhea, unexpected fecal ... Read More »

What's the effect of taking Prozac with sleeping pills?

Prozac is usually taken earlier in the day. If someone takes sleep medication, it should still work because the affect of the Prozac has diminished enough for the sleep medication to be able to wor... Read More »