What is the effect of heat on meat?

Answer The meat will cookDepending on the timing the cooking will make it tender and more enjuyable to eat. There is grilling, roasting, frying, BBQing, braisingMost foods can be cooked either way, there ... Read More »

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Does heat (sun)has any effect on hair color................?

Yes it does. It has a bleaching effect on hair. I worked at Kroger for quite some time and wore my hair the same way everyday. So while I was pushing carts my hair got lighter on the side I parted ... Read More »

The Effect of Heat on Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tiles are used both indoors and outdoors for a variety of tiling options, from floors to countertops. People enjoy ceramic tile because of its versatility and durable qualities. With the ma... Read More »

Does the humidity or heat have any effect on appetite?

if you are drinking enough water, you should not have a problem with your appetite when it's hot or humid...but we do accept foods that we can burn off quicker when it's hot or humid reas... Read More »

Science Projects on the Effect of Color on Heat Absorption?

When an object absorbs light, the light energy is transferred to heat energy. The amount of heat that is absorbed depends on whether the color of the object reflects, absorbs or transmits. Simple s... Read More »