What is the effect of drug&alcohol abuse on families?

Answer The National Institute on Chemical Dependency states that the actions of one addict can affect at least twenty five people, many of them family members. Addiction can cause emotional, financial and... Read More »

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What is the most common effect of child sexual abuse?

I have added alot of links to explain the long term effects of sexual abuse. What I can say for myself is that the abuse can hurt like hell. The emotional pain and trauma can last for decades. I am... Read More »

How can child abuse effect children?

Speaking from personal experience i can say it completely changes you from the inside out. You feel sadness, empty, lonely (because you think no one understands), angry, bitter, ashamed, worthless,... Read More »

How does child abuse effect communities?

Answer I think you mean AFFECT not EFFECT

Can child abuse effect the child's future?

Yes- every little thing will effect their future. From bad eating habbits, to uncontrolled anger. Children are more suseptable to emotional abuse when they are young. As far as physical abuse, that... Read More »