What is the effect of continuous rain on the plants?

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What is the effect of continuous rain on plants?

if the roots wont rot away it will probably develop fugai diseases and die.EFFECT OF CONTINUOUS RAIN ON PLANTS:- Continuous Rain Effects The Plants Badly Continuous Rain Destroys The Roots Of Pla... Read More »

What is acid rain's effect on aquatic plants?

Acid rain contains higher-than-normal levels of nitric and sulfuric acids. Human pollution contributes to this environmental problem and affects both terrestrial and aquatic animals and plants.Acid... Read More »

What effect did the continuous us military occupation have on Cuban opinion?

What Effect Does Rain Have on Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are 95 percent water, with most varieties soaking up summer rains to become pump and juicy on the vine. Water -- along with sunshine and nutrient-rich soil -- is needed at every stage of t... Read More »