What is the effect of bleaching&dying on hair?

Answer Hair that is bleached and dyed regularly will begin to experience negative side effects. Occasional use of bleach and dye combine to give hair a different appearance.BleachBleach is used to lighten... Read More »

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The Effect of Alcohol Based Hair Products on Hair?

Alcohol-based hair products have distinct effects on hair, depending on which alcohol is the active ingredient. Some alcohols dry hair out, while others have the opposite effect. The group that the... Read More »

How to Give Straight Hair the Wet Hair Effect?

When you want to avoid dealing with the pain of styling your hair, consider slicking it back. Since your hair is straight, styling will be an easy process with a few added products; however, you wa... Read More »

What is the effect of Hair Transplant?

Effect of Sun on Gray Hair?

Many believe that stress or lack of sleep causes gray hair. The truth is that going gray is genetically encoded in our DNA. You're likely to follow in your parent's footsteps when it comes to how a... Read More »