What is the effect of bleach on plants?

Answer death

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How does bleach in tap water effect the growth of bean plants?

the plants would turn white, in result of the chlorifyll in the leaves to "bleached". The plant would then soon wilt and die, because bleach does not have the right nutrients to sustain the life of... Read More »

What is the effect of Inhaling bleach?

Depends on the concentration of the bleach you inhaled. A little whiff won't do harm. Lengthy exposure to high concentration bleach can damage the airway and lungs quite severely. In all but very e... Read More »

Does the use of chlorine bleach have an effect on a septic system?

The use of chlorine bleach and other harsh cleansers can affect your septic system. Chlorine bleach can kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank that help dissolve waste matter.References:A... Read More »

How does bleach affect plants?

Yes. Bleach contains phosphates and nitrates. Even though phosphates are needed by the plants, access phosphates is not good for them. and thats how bleach affects plants.