What is the easiest way to transfer miniDV video to my computer?

Answer Well you *could* copy from your camcorder to a DVD using the AV out of your camcorder to the AV in of the DVD recorder - but I don't see how that would help you - you still would not have a video ... Read More »

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Is there an easy way to transfer MiniDV video to a DVD or computer?

miniDV tape based camcorders provide the best available video quality because DV (or HDV if you get a high definition camcorder) compresses less than the other consumer storage formats available.Ne... Read More »

How can I transfer video from my Samsung SC-D382 MiniDV camcorder to my PC to edit?

a miniDV vcam must be iLink / FIREWIRE400**-connected to pc to upload video thru video capture or video editing* software while vcam is ON PLAYBACK. Note: DV or Firewire port of vcam is 4pin. Befo... Read More »

How to transfer miniDV tapes to computer?

If your laptop has an expansion slot you can add a firewire card. All camcorders use a 4 pin connection. If your laptop's connection is the same then it too is 4 pin (surprise!) if not it'll be a... Read More »

What is the easiest way to transfer files from an old computer to a new computer?

The most effiencent way would be to plug them both into the internet at once, network them, and share the files. However, if you arent a computer person that would be a little hard. I would recom... Read More »