What is the easiest way to make myself purposely unconscious in school?

Answer Since cutting off the supply of oxygen and blood to your brain seems so important to you I could tell you how. But first let me explain to the the problems you may encounter after you wake up, or i... Read More »

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Can i sue a restaurant if i purposely pour hot coffee on myself if their cups don't say caution hot?

Sure you can sue, but don't expect to win. Courts are applying the reasonable person standard to these types of suits. That means that a reasonable person assumes coffee is hot and if he/she spill... Read More »

What's the easiest, quickest, and safest way to clean myself after shitting in a urinal?

Does microsoft purposely make hotmail load slower in firefox?

Its because Firefox is a standards compliant browser, developers have to put all these hacks in their code to get it to work on IE. As MS provides both IE and Hotmail (i tend to call it failmail), ... Read More »

How to Make Your Xbox 360 Console Purposely Get the Red Ring of Death/3 Flashing Lights?

Whatever the reason may be, whether you hate Microsoft and want to stick it to them, whether your console has some annoying problem that you want fixed for free, or maybe you really don't have $300... Read More »