What's the easiest way to knock someone out cold?

Answer Usually about 100kgs of pressure applied quickly to a point just past the tip of the lower jaw that is on a perpendicular plane towards the spinal column.This puts enough direct pressure to squeeze... Read More »

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What is the easiest way to carry someone during an emergency?

It depends on if you have more than one person to do it with. But never move someone that has a suspected neck/spinal cord injury as it can make things all the more worse. But you might have to mov... Read More »

How to Knock out Someone in One Punch?

Sometimes in a fight you need a punch that you know can have your opponent out cold. This will tell two possible punches.

How to Knock Someone Out with One Hit?

Have you ever wanted to knock someone out with one fell swoop? Whether its for self-defense or to win a fight, here are three easy methods to knock you opponent out in one hit.

How do you knock someone out by squeezing their pressure point?

There are several nerves around the neck which can completely cut off circulation of bloodflow to the brain. Pressing on the carotid artery can cause unconsciousness. Plus, there are several places... Read More »