What is the easiest way to break your arm with the least amount of pain?

Answer Any wat you do it, its going to hurt like nothing else. I find the most effective way is to get about 6 feet up and fall with all your weight on your palm(like your holding out your hand to say s... Read More »

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What is the easiest and least painful way to break your thumb?

Stick it in up your butt and have a friend kick your as$

What is the easiest way to break your leg and what bone in it would break the easiest?

You are going on Spring Break with 3 other guys who are 19 or at least 18 but one of your friends is only 16 Will that be a problem?

Yes, your neighbor is at fault unless your actions contributed to the rupture.

Easy ways to break your ankle with out a lot of pain.?

well there is no easy way to break it with out too much pain, unless you use meds. but the best way i would think of would be to drop a heavy blunt object on it, like a cinder block or something.