What is the easiest way to bone a whole chicken?

Answer Crack open some champagne, light a candle or two. Play some soft music and whisper sweet nothings into the chicken's ear. Then tell it how you've never met another chicken like it in your life and ... Read More »

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What is the easiest way to break your leg and what bone in it would break the easiest?

What is the easiest bone to break?

Well the most common Fracture we see is the fracture off the wrist(colles) and the neck off Femur,these are the easiest bones for the elderly to fracture.But over all i think the easiest bone to fr... Read More »

What do you do if you swallowed a chicken bone?

If it is lodged in your throat, and you can't get it out, have someone perform the Heimlich Maneuver. If you are alone, pull your fist into your upper abdomen, or bend over the back of a chair and ... Read More »

How doyou fracture a bone like, the easiest way?

Why do you want to injure yourself :ONah, Only kidding, I'll give a few reasons as long as you promise not to hurt yourself?Okay....Falling down a flight of stairs can cause fractures in your ankle... Read More »