What is the easiest meal you know how to cook that is delicious?

Answer Salmon on the grill, butter, lemon.

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How to Make a Delicious Meal That All Club Penguin Babies Will Like?

Getting sick of your babies on club penguin complaining about every meal they get given well then you've come to the right place.

I'm a starving vegan college student living on my own. Easiest meal you know Don't say salad?

Dragon bowls. To paraphrase Shakespeare, custom cannot stale its infinite variety. You need: cooked grain or starch, a vegetable or vegetables, some sort of protein-y thing, and a sauce. Tonight, I... Read More »

Which would you rather eat A delicious home cooked meal or a 5 star restaurant meal?

that is a loaded question, would love to take my girlfriend out to dinner any time she wants, and then at times make and have dinner together at our home sitting by the fireplace listing to some ni... Read More »

A 3 course meal that I can cook?

Maybe try EnglishStart with a soup.Then 'Bangers and MashThen a dessert of fruit and custard.None of these should be too difficultsee… for video, the full... Read More »