What is the easiest house plant to grow?

Answer If you get the soil right and don't water the plant too much or too little, most ivies, spider plants and others you find at the supermarket will do fine. The very easiest is a good quality silk pl... Read More »

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What is the easiest plant to grow indoors?

On One Hand: Chia and Cacti are Easy to GrowChia seeds and cacti are among the easiest and most popular plants to grow indoors, especially for first-time horticulturists and children. Chia is an a... Read More »

How do I grow plumeria as a house plant?

PlantingPurchase a plastic container or a planter big enough to accommodate the potting mixture and the roots of the plant. Plant the plumeria in potting soil and set it similarly to the way it was... Read More »

Will your house plant grow with heat from a lamp?

No, because the lamp does not produce the type of light and heat energy like the sun produces and the plant can not perform its photosynthesis which is the process of which the plant grows, and it ... Read More »

What is the easiest plant to care for?

A "GIGGS is 007" plant. It should be kept indoors and away others. It can be found outdoors sometimes, usually growing in man ure, its favourite environment. It needs to be cut down to size every w... Read More »