What is the easiest and best way of cleaning a computer keyboard?

Answer A damp cloth and perhaps a normal household cleaner will clean the keys but if you've got a lot of dust and crumbs etc in between the keys, shake it upside down to remove but also use one of the ad... Read More »

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Computer keyboard cleaning?

If you have a around 10-20 mins of free time.. try this:1. unplug your keyboard.2. use a flat head screwdriver to remove all the keys (with a lil bit of force).3. clean the keys (towels, detol, spr... Read More »

What is the Easiest Way to Learn to Play the Keyboard?

Learning to play the keyboard can seem like a difficult challenge at first for someone with no musical training or experience. Although many people hire private teachers or take group lessons, it i... Read More »

What's the easiest, most quickest word to type on a keyboard?

any basically any word that does not repeat a letter next to itlike A55 (ofcourse they are an "s") or poopbecause you have to lift you finger up again before you even start to push downso that take... Read More »

Cleaning my keyboard?

I am surprised her that no-one has used the tried and true Vacuum cleaner. I use a vacuum to clean all my Pic's inside and out. I do also use canned air but with a vacuum as well . After all just b... Read More »