At what temperature should my core 2 duo work?

Answer Depending on the model of Core 2 Duo inside your computer, maximum temperatures range from 60 to 73 degrees Celsius. Prolonged usage at the maximum temperature could damage the processor, so ensure... Read More »

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How to Control Core Body Temperature?

You must have a stable body temperature of around 98 degrees in order to stay alive. Ordinarily, our body is protected by our skin and the layer of fat underneath it. Skin and fat act as insulation... Read More »

How to Find Out the Core Temperature of My Mac Book?

Knowing the temperature of the core of your MacBook can help you keep it in optimal condition. When your MacBook is running hot, it can affect the life of your battery and have a negative influenc... Read More »

Can a quad core processor brake because of the temperature/load differences between different cores?

You shouldn't be able to physically break the processor by putting different loads onto the 4 cores if you have correct and sufficient cooling. The maximum temperature that the chip will reach wil... Read More »

If core duo means Dual core then what is the 2 mean in the core 2 duo?

horribly confusing nomenclature those from inteland if you have not been following developments ... yes, it's horribly confusing indeedto start with, they are all dual core processorsmeaning 2 core... Read More »