What is the eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase program?

Answer The eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection program is a security service for buyers purchasing vehicles through the eBay Motors site. It was created to help reduce the chance of fraudulent transac... Read More »

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What is eBay's vehicle purchase protection?

EBay's vehicle purchase protection offers peace of mind to new and used car buyers who buy cars via eBay Motors. The protection offers up to $50,000 of coverage for certain conditions that may aris... Read More »

If you purchase a vehicle for your son but your ex-wife has custody are you liable if they do not purchase insurance?

Answer If the car is in your name you are responsible not your ex wife. she would be liable if the car was in her name.

If you are the co-signer on a vehicle purchase does your name have to be on the insurance to take the vehicle from the dealership?

Answer It's probably best to add your son to your policy as soon as he gets his license and have him noted as an occasioinal driver. This way he gains "insurance experience", so that when the time... Read More »

How to Buy a Car On eBay Motors?

EBay Motors is a section of the auction website in which people can buy and sell cars and trucks, as well as auto parts and accessories. If you want to buy a car on eBay Motors, you can use both of... Read More »