What is the dying behavior of cats?

Answer Pet owners are often faced with the unfortunate reality that their beloved feline is dying. Whether the cat is dying from old age or illness, there are a few common signs that cats show when death ... Read More »

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Compulsive Behavior in Cats?

Some animals, like humans, are prone to compulsive behaviors, and cats are no exception. Compulsive behavior is described as "the repetitive, irresistible urge to perform a behavior," according to ... Read More »

How to Understand Your Cats Behavior?

meowCats have gotten a bad rap for decades. "They never make good pets because they are so independent," some say. Others claim, "A cat will never become attached to you like a dog will." Nonsense.

How to Focus on Positive Behavior Rather Than Negative Behavior During Classroom Management?

NASP Resources reports problem behavior is the most common reason students are removed from the classroom. Students with serious behavior issues generally encompass 20 percent of enrollment. This m... Read More »

Do cats actually "spray" in the corners of the house They are all fixed. But my mom insists that my cats?

Male cats spray even when they are fixed. With that many cats they may feel the need to mark their territory. I had 3 cats and my oldest was a male, wasn't bothered when I brought home a female. 2 ... Read More »