What is the dumbest thing you have seen on the web?

Answer That is pretty dumb. I can think of about a million things like people not thinking that things are traceable back to them and also writing up the most pathetic things on their myspace pages. Al... Read More »

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What was the dumbest thing you have ever typed into google search?

"Wombat Porn"Don't ask, we got into a Rule 34 discussion one day and my roommate said it so I searched it. Results are VERY surprising, BTW.

What is the dumbest or craziest thing a stranger ever said to you about your baby and how did you respond ?

My daughter was pretty much bald till she was 18 months old. So I took her and got her ears pierced at 4 months, wore pinks, purples and other girly outfits on her when we would go out, BUT I woul... Read More »

What was the dumbest movie you ever seen?

I agree with you Cabin Fever is by far the dumbest EVER!!!!!!

What is the dumbest movie ever?

Hilary Duff- Raise Your Voice film.It is the WORST and most cringe worthy film ever, little whiney kids trying to sing whilst trying not to 'fall' in love. pathetic i'm sure that would go down well!