What is the drug lasix?

Answer Lasix, or generic furosemide, is prescribed for people suffering from fluid retention, or edema, caused by kidney disorders, congestive heart failure (CHF) or liver disease. Some people know Lasix ... Read More »

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What is a lasix renogram?

A lasix renogram is a test where a radioactive substance is introduced into the body to check your kidneys and renal function.FunctionA lasix renogram demonstrates how well the blood moves through ... Read More »

Can you buy lasix 40mg over the counter?

Although Lasix 40 mg is not available over-the-counter in U.S. pharmacies, it is available in online stores. However, medical supervision is highly advised during treatment with any Lasix formulati... Read More »

Side Effects of Lasix on Dogs?

Lasix (Furosemide) is a drug used to prevent fluid retention in dogs. The prescription medication supports the kidneys in eliminating fluids from the body. It's generally prescribed by veterinarian... Read More »

Side Effects of Lasix in Older Dogs?

Furosemide diuretic, better known as Lasix or Salix, is a primary treatment for congestive heart failure and the related pulmonary edema. It is available only by veterinary prescription. Congestive... Read More »