Kentucky Teen Driving Laws?

Answer Teenagers in Kentucky are as anxious as those in any other state to get behind the wheel and begin driving as soon as possible. However, the state legislature has passed laws concerning teen drivin... Read More »

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Can you wear headphones while driving in Kentucky?

SonySony....REALLY??? Is that the best you could do??? There are numerous earbuds but you need to ask youself what you are willing to spend. You can get them upwards of $400 but you can also get de... Read More »

How to Expunge a Driving Record in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statute 431.078, it is possible to have misdemeanor driving convictions expunged. This even includes a DUI under certain circumstances. There are a number ... Read More »

Can you get a restrictive driving permit in Kentucky with a DUI?

After receiving a DUI in the state of Kentucky and having your license suspended, it is possible to be eligible for a hardship license. This restrictive driving permit will be considered if employm... Read More »

Is speeding in a work zone reckless driving in Kentucky?

Kentucky does not specifically state what constitutes reckless driving, only that it occurs when a driver endangers others. However, speeding typically does not warrant a reckless driving offense, ... Read More »