Can you travel to England with an Irish driving license?

Answer England and the rest of the U.K. has a Common Travel Area between it and Ireland. Despite being different countries, travel between Ireland and England is considered domestic, meaning you can use a... Read More »

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Why is the Practical Driving Test in England so fricken hard! why they gotta be so picky!?

Because they like to keep Dummies like you off the road.

What is the differance between urban driving -extra urban driving and -combined driving?

urban driving is driving in town/cityextra urban driving is the new phrase for driving in the country andcombined driving is the average mpg of both of the above.

While driving is a practical experience, it can be enjoyable too. What makes driving fun for you?

driving is fun for for me because it gives me freedom, knowing that my driving can take me places i might not have gone before, and take my children places too, i love driving when im going somewhe... Read More »

Licence suspended because of drink-driving: what may happen if they catch me driving again?

Three months imprisonment and a £3000 fine, plus a three year ban, is INCREDIBLY common.Below are some usefull links to legal experts in this matter,It may prove worth your while to read through t... Read More »