What is the penalty for driving without a license in California?

Answer The California Vehicle Code prescribes the penalties for driving a motor vehicle without a license. Penalties may include incarceration, a fine, impounding your vehicle and associated storage costs... Read More »

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What Is Included in California Public Driving Records?

Driving records are designed to provide an array of information about a licensed driver, and California's version is no exception. The record printout provides an assortment of data, including the ... Read More »

What Is the Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in California?

California requires all drivers to prove they are financially responsible and able to pay for damages if they cause an accident. Most drivers prove their financial responsibility by purchasing car ... Read More »

Driving rules in California?

Yes! If there is anything visibly wrong with your car that the cop would notice, then it is also very likely that he/she would check ( like a tail light, brake light, or missing mirror...etc).

How old do you have to be to get a driving permit in California?

You must be at least 15 and a half years old to get a driving permit in the state of California. Applicants must fill out form DL 44, get a parent or guardian signature on the form and pass a traff... Read More »