How old were you when you started drinking alcohol What is the legal age for drinking where you were?

Answer My parents gave me white wine mixed with water with Sunday lunch and special occasions from about the age of 7. I personally think it's a very responsible thing to do. The worst thing you can do to... Read More »

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What are the spices of Russia?

Petrushka, Ukrop, Selderey, Kin-Dza, Tarkhun, Rukkola =)

What is the U.S. dollar worth in Russia?

The official currency of Russia is the rouble. As of May 19, 2010, the exchange rate of the dollar to the rouble is one U.S. dollar to 30.9263 roubles. This fluctuates with changes in the currency ... Read More »

What is the longest river in Russia?

The Lena River, which flows north through Siberia, is approximately 2,730 miles long, making it the longest river that lies entirely within Russia. It begins in Lake Baikal and flows northward to i... Read More »

What is the national dish of Russia?

Nobody said borscht? It's pretty good if made properly and undoubtedly the most famous dish from Russia. It would make a good side dish but takes like half a day to make, most of which is spent sim... Read More »