What is the drink Red Bull exactly?

Answer Red Bull is the brand name of an Austrian carbonated soft drink. Sold as an energy drink to combat mental and physical fatigue, it contains, per 250 ml serving, about 27 grams of sugar(glucose, suc... Read More »

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Is vodka and red-bull a "mans" drink or a womens drink.. I was just wondering... lol...?

What are the side effects if I drink Red Bull?

None is HEALTHIER, but in my experience monster is stronger. They are both energy drinks and will give you more of an effect than lots of caffeine. Everyone reacts differently, most people get real... Read More »

Red Bull A good drink Or dangerous What do u think?

I'm not too fond of the taste of Red Bull, although it does give me energy. But it has a ton of caffeine and's too easy to let that get out of hand.If you're looking for a pick-me-up th... Read More »

What, exactly, is a non-alcoholic drink?

It's a drink for a non-alcoholic. Alcoholics go to meetings, and say stuff like, "I'm blah blah, I'm an alcoholic." Then everyone cries about their crappy lives.If you don't do that, then every d... Read More »