In the movie Shrek, whom does Shrek marry?

Answer Fiona...

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What animal is shrek, in the shrek movie?

ogre >>>>An ogre (feminine: ogress) is a large and hideous humanoid monster. Ogres are often represented in fairy tales and folklore as feeding on human beings and have appeared in many classic wor... Read More »

Names of dragons in bbc dragons den?

Yes,If you google it and go to the wikipedia link it tells you that they will.

How many babies did Shrek have?

The animated character Shrek had triplets with his wife Princess Fiona at the end of the film "Shrek the Third." The film, which was released in May 2007, featured the voice talents of Michael Myer... Read More »

How to Draw Shrek?

Shrek is everyone's favorite ogre! Here are some easy steps so you can learn to draw him.