Did the survivor of the Donner Party ever write a cookbook If so, where can I buy it?

Answer Would your mother in law like some Jonestown Kool-Aid to wash the meal down with?

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Donner kebab for breakfast. Right or wrong?

Wrong lad. I had a leftover kebab last sunday and nearly put misen in hospital lad. From now on I'm sticking firmly to the Bomabay Bad Boy Pot Noodle to awaken my taste buds with a healthy serving ... Read More »

Is Turkish_Greek Restaurant Tuscany/Mediterranee in Irvine,CA has Donner Kebob?

What are some candies that look like medicine for party favors or any party favor ideas for pharmacy party?

jelly beans (capsules)M&M'sskittlespoprocksrazzlesredhotsjelly candies that are drinkable or squeazable in jars or tubes

I'm throwing a small party masquerade party/sleepover I have don't know what to wear for the masquerade party?

It's a good dress, would go well with a mask, but remember that most Victorian-era dresses were much longer. Even today, there are still masquerades in Italy. If it was a bit longer then it would b... Read More »