What is the doctor checking for in a CBC with auto-diff testing?

Answer No, teething has no direct relation to diarrehea.

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What should you do if a doctor played with your penis when he was supposed to be checking your testicles and hinted that you might be turned on by this?

Answer His behavior is professionally unethical and he should be reported to both the police and the directors of the hospital/clinic where he is employed. Regardless of any legal outcome, do not g... Read More »

How to: Auto Diagnostic Testing?

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Auto Mechanic Testing?

Any kind of mechanic, whether you fix anything and everything or have a specialty, can test to become ASE certified. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence tests thousands of mech... Read More »

Can you sue an uninsured person in an auto accident if they were at fault for your deductible and doctor bills?

Answeryou can sue anybody for anything . the magic question is can you win , if you do can you collect and will it cost less to win than the settlement will beThe answers of course depend on the si... Read More »