The Divorce Rate for Cheating Spouses?

Answer It is clear that cheating plays a part in many divorces. Less clear is how often infidelity alone is the cause of the divorce. Infidelity kills marriages, but marriages also survive infidelity. Lik... Read More »

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What happens when the death rate is higher than the birth rate?

What is the difference between rate of return&interest rate?

Rate of return, call known as return on investment, is a percentage of the total profit made from an investment compared to the amount of the investment. Interest rate is the percentage of a loan's... Read More »

What is the difference between corporate tax rate and average tax rate?

well corporate tax rates are dumb. and average tax rates dumber. soo does anyone in the house want to itch my butt? well i alreay did! ha ha!

If the birth rate equals the death rate then the is what?

The overall growth rate of the general population is stagnant .