What is the distributor firing order?

Answer Multi-cylinder gasoline engines require a perfect storm of precisely timed events (air ingestion, fuel injection, valve opening/closing, piston movement and spark timing) just to run. An engine's d... Read More »

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What Is the Firing Order for a 1996 Mazda 1.5 DOHC Engine?

Mazda used the four-cylinder 1.5 liter engine most extensively in the Mazda Protege and the 323. Mazda designated this engine as the Z5. When running at its optimum, it produced 92 horsepower. Regu... Read More »

Explanation of Firing Order?

Keeping your engine running smoothly can be difficult. So many different variables are at play that it can be hard to determine what is causing the problem. One of these variables is your engine's ... Read More »

Symptoms of a Wrong Firing Order?

There are several steps in the firing of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine. With a piston starting at the top, the crankshaft pulls the piston down, opening the chamber for a mixture of f... Read More »

How to Set the Firing Order for a 1985 Cutlass?

The firing order on a 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass with a 5.0 V8 is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. The firing order cannot be changed in any way. The distributor turns clockwise so this is the direction in which the ... Read More »