What is the distance between two lines of latitude?

Answer A globe is measured out into 360 separate degrees of longitude and latitude. The distance between degrees of latitude varies from 110.5743 kilometers at the equator to 111.6939 kilometers at the ea... Read More »

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What is the distance between latitude lines?

The distance between two lines of latitude is about 69.2 miles. This can vary depending on where the points are. For example, it can range from 68.703 miles at the equator to 69.407 miles at the po... Read More »

What do you call the divisions between lines of latitude?

Minutes and seconds are the names of the division lines between lines of latitude. The division lines between each latitudinal degree are minutes. Each degree of latitude contains 60 minutes. The d... Read More »

How do I calculate distance between 2 lines?

Calculating the Distance Between Two LinesPick a single point on each of two lines drawn on a set of x-y axes. Call these points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2).Calculate the distance between the points by u... Read More »

How to Calculate Distance Between Two Angled Lines & Radius?

Two lines that meet on the circumference or at the center of a circle will diverge to cut the circumference of the circle at two points. The shortest distance between these two points of intersecti... Read More »