What is the distance between Tokyo and Misawa?

Answer Misawa, Japan, is located near the Pacific Coast in the north of Honshu, Japan's main island, within the Aomori Prefecture. It is 426 miles or 686 km from Tokyo. A trip from Tokyo to Misawa takes a... Read More »

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What is the distance between Honshu& Misawa?

Misawa City is located on Honshu, which is not a city but instead is the largest island of the Japanese chain. Misawa City is situated at the very northern end of Honshu on the coast of the Pacific... Read More »

What is the distance between Honsu and Misawa?

Honsu, the biggest island in Japan, is also referred to as Mainland. Misawa is a town on that island with a U.S. air base located in it. The distance from Misawa to Tokyo, which also is on Honsu, i... Read More »

What is the distance between Tokyo& Osaka?

By road, the distance between Tokyo and Osaka in Japan is approximately 318 miles. The drive, which travels southwest through the Japanese cities of Shizuoka, Nagoya and Kyoto, takes roughly seven ... Read More »

Does the distance you stretch the rubber band affect the distance it will travel?

The amount of potential energy in a stretched rubber band, and the distance it can travel, depends on how far it is stretched. According to Hooke's Law, an elastic object is stretched in proportio... Read More »