What is the distance between Russia& Alaska?

Answer The shortest distance between mainland Alaska and mainland Russia is 55 miles, according to a September 2008 article by Nina Shen Rastogi for Slate. However, the U.S.-owned island of Little Diomede... Read More »

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What is the distance between Alaska& Russia?

Alaska lies approximately 55 miles from Russia at the most narrow point of the Bering Strait which separates the continents of Asia and North America. Although two small islands, Big Diomede in Rus... Read More »

What foreign policy was used to get Alaska from Russia?

Proliferation of nuclear weapons refers to the spread of nuclear weapons amongst different countries. First the U.S. had a nuclear bomb; then the Soviet Union had a nuclear bomb, followed by other ... Read More »

What body of water lies between Alaska& Russia?

The body of water that separates Alaska and Russia is known as the Bering Strait. The strait separates the United States and Russia by approximately 58 miles. The strait lies just below the Arctic ... Read More »

What is the closest distance between the U.S. and Russia?

According to the Alaska Division of Trade and Development, the closest distance between the United States of America and Russia is 2.5 miles. That is the distance between Little Diomede Island, Ala... Read More »