What is the dish you most often cook at home?

Answer Spaghetti! It is quick, easy, and my family loves it!

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What food do you cook the most often?

For all u cooks out there. What is the best dish that u can cook For those who don't cook what's?

Im 16 and I LOVE cooking and baking... My favorite dish that I love making is fresh garlic bread, I make the french bread from scratch and and make the garlic toppings with all kinds of seasonings.... Read More »

Why would a 2-year-old child repeatedly bite himself at home but not at his baby-sitter's house where he is most often?

Answer Hmmmmmm........interesting. I'm a psychologist and even I can't figure this one out. I believe it has something to do with the environment of your home and the environment of the babysitters... Read More »

Why do most siblings tend to not like each other most often brothers and sisters?

If I had to guess I would say it's because they have to share there parents attention and they may resent there sibling for that.